Intern Survivors

"Not only does this internship bring you into the world of filmmaking, it'll make you tough mentally and physically. Oh, say bye to your sleep schedule though."
- Matthew, intern 2018

"If filmmaking is your thing, don't think twice, Red Comm is a great place to start, I easily got production interviews after my 5 months of internship here."
- Diyanah, intern 2018

"Knowledge is what all we have but sometimes experience matters too. You will gain a lot in Red Comm and of course getting outside the comfort zone is what life is."
- Rishigesan, intern 2019

Everyone starts somewhere.And in this industry, most people start as interns.Whether you feel you have an eye for angles, keen on colour grading or a way with words or simply want to know what areas suit you best, let us know in the form below to apply for an internship at our company.

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